Institute of Cannabis Research Launches at CSU-Pueblo

Dec 20, 2016

The new Institute of Cannabis Research opens at Colorado State University - Pueblo
Credit courtesy Colorado State University - Pueblo

The new Institute of Cannabis Research at Colorado State University Pueblo recently launched with about $1.1 million in state and local funding.

Ten CSU faculty from different departments will lead cannabis research projects in 2017.  The studies are diverse, ranging from using hemp in 3D printing to the effect of cannabis on epilepsy.

ICR interim director Jen Mullen says they’ll also be looking at the effects of Pueblo’s rapidly expanding cannabis industry on the community.

"The Pueblo County Impact Study is really a collaborative effort between the county and the university to really answer the important questions that I think everybody in Pueblo is asking right now," says Mullen.

That includes research like how cannabis is affecting local economics, social services and water resources. They’ll also look at what kinds of buffer zones are needed between grow operations. CSU is planning a cannabis research conference in April.

The Pueblo Chieftain recently reported that Pueblo County has adopted stricter standards and regulations to control light, noise, odor and fencing at marijuana grow operations