LocalFood App Marks Three Years

Apr 19, 2017

More than 6000 people currently use the LocalFood App

An app that encourages users to support farmers and growers in southern Colorado is moving into its third year. 

The LocalFood app shows users which restaurants, bars, and other businesses use ingredients from farmers within a 57-mile radius of Colorado Springs.

App founder Elise Rothman says LocalFood has more than 6000 users, but says the real success so far has been connecting businesses with producers nearby.

"When we meet with a restaurant, we take an inventory of what they are currently buying in the region," she says. "And if they're not buying locally, we actually connect them with a supplier."

Rothman says their offices will soon be relocating to the new "SustainaCenter" in Colorado Springs, a move she says will help the app expand its influence.