In 'The Lookout,' Laura Veirs Sings An Ode To Stable Love

Apr 4, 2018
Originally published on April 4, 2018 2:56 pm

Many songwriters have absorbed and reflected on the angst of 2018, and Laura Veirs is no exception. But what a welcome feat of alchemy she performs. The title track from her new album, The Lookout, picks up threads of unease and alienation, then weaves them into a tight, sunny tribute to Veirs' husband, the producer Tucker Martine. By tapping into a love that doesn't have to be pursued or pined for, she conveys complete emotional availability.

In "Seven Falls," Veirs lays down a gorgeous, silvery-toned melody that contrasts with lyrics about a relationship laden with friction. She said she took inspiration from a stack of old postcards Martine gave her depicting Western scenes. "I was looking through these old photographs," reminiscent of scenes she'd experienced as a kid on Colorado. "And there were words in there, like 'catamount' and 'ivywild' — these Western wild words I hadn't used before. I liked the sound of them. I didn't care what they meant!"

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