• Morning Edition Host/Reporter

    Abigail grew up in Palmer Lake, Co. She has a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and Spanish as well as a Master's degree in communications. Previously, she worked for the Dodge City Daily Globe in Dodge City, Kan. and for 89.1 KMUW in...

  • Reporter, Mountain West Collaborative

    Ali Budner is 91.5 KRCC's reporter for the Mountain West News Bureau, a journalism collaborative that unites six stations across the Mountain...

  • Managing Editor

    Andrea came to KRCC in 2008 by way of Missouri. She’s responsible for KRCC’s overall news presence, and oversees a cadre of staff, freelancers, and students.  Her award-winning work has been heard on NPR, The World (PRI), and the BBC....

  • Music Host, Friday Evenings 10 to Midnight

    Award-winning alternative DJ Bob Slade has spun vinyl on a dozen stations in 7 states.

  • Music Host, Fill In
  • Music Host, Monday Evenings 10 to Midnight
  • Jazz Host
  • Host

    Join G.T. each Saturday night at 8pm for a seriously fun trip down a musical memory lane. This isn't an old fogey show - this show is for folks who lived through the 50's, 60's and 70's and for those who feel they were born too late. G.T. gives...

  • Music Host, Thursday Evenings 10 to Midnight
  • Host, Critical Karaoke and A Day in the Life

    Assistant Professor, Colorado College 

       Idris Goodwin is one of the most dynamic and innovative young...

  • Music Host, Fill In
  • Station Manager

    Jeff was born and raised in Colorado with a brief stint spent in New Mexico during his "wandering years".  His love of music brought him to 91.5 KRCC in 1989, and, in the interim,  he has hosted every daypart of 91.5 KRCC's programming.  Jeff...

  • Weekend Edition Host

    John Ravetti has lived in Colorado Springs since 1977 and has worked for KRCC since 2002. In his spare time, John enjoys listening to music and podcasts, and working crossword puzzles.

  • Music Host, Fill In
  • Music Host, Wednesday Evenings 10 to Midnight
  • All Things Considered Host & Operations Manager

    Mike fell in love with KRCC upon his arrival in Colorado Springs in 1980. By 1990 he had taken the DJ Training Class that the station offered to the community and began hosting the Friday evening Jazz show. By the mid-nineties Mike was firmly...

  • Reggae Host, Sunday Evenings 10 to Midnight
  • Host, Critical Karaoke and A Day in the Life

    Assistant Professor, Colorado College

    Ryan Raul Bañagale is an Assistant Professor of music at Colorado...

  • Host, Critical Karaoke and A Day in the Life

    Associate Professor, Colorado College

    I’m the fiction writer in the department, and teach most of the prose fiction...

  • Jazz Host, Sunday Evenings 7 to 10
  • Music Host, Saturday Evenings 10 to Midnight
  • Music Host, Tuesday Evenings 10 to Midnight

    Ohio born but Colorado Springs native for over 20 years, Dr. T. spins a variety of tunes—old, new, indie, and every type and genre in-between—Tuesdays from 10 p.m. to midnight.  
    Join Dr. T - where the prescription for whatever ails you is...

  • Music Coordinator, Evening Music Mix Host, Air Check Host

    Vicky became a big fan of 91.5 KRCC in the late 80's, listening to the mind blowing music shows that the station aired. She took the DJ Training Class in 1994, started volunteering, and said yes to every job that the station offered her ...