Leslie Faulkner

Underwriting Account Officer

Way back when, Leslie left the L.A. traffic for the mountains and prodigious snow of Steamboat Springs, where she has spent most of her Colorado life. In 2016, Leslie relocated to Colorado Springs to be closer to her daughter, Maggie.

Her background is primarily in radio advertising, working as Senior Account Executive for a chain of stations on Colorado’s Western Slope. Leslie has a healthy appreciation for creative marketing approaches, whether working in advertising sales or as retailer of a bra fitting and lingerie shop. Ultimately, radio was in her DNA which brought her full circle to KRCC.

Truly listening to what underwriters say and need, is key, Leslie believes, to a tailored underwriting campaign for the greatest possible results. As KRCC’s newest addition to the underwriting team, she is thrilled to work in public radio and assist underwriters in growing their companies, while supporting and aligning their businesses with KRCC’s mission of discovery, balanced reporting and eclectic, DJ driven music!

To learn more about how you can align your business to the NPR brand and KRCC, contact Leslie for Corporate Support: lfaulkner@krcc.org or 719-473-4801, ext. 34

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