91.5 KRCC News Wins Two Colorado Broadcasters Association Awards

May 1, 2019

Reporting from the 91.5 KRCC Newsroom has been honored with two awards from the Colorado Broadcasters Association.

Reporter Abigail Beckman earned top honors among Colorado's major market stations for her work on October's so-called motorless morning in Colorado Springs' Garden of the Gods Park. It was the second such event in 2018 in which the park closed to motorized traffic for a few hours on a Sunday morning. 

The first Motorless Morning at Garden of the Gods was in April 2018. File photo.
Credit Jake Brownell / 91.5 KRCC

Beckman's reporting included an interview with Susan Davies and Allen Beauchamp of the Trails and Open Space Coalition about how moving through the park without motorized vehicles can change one's experience visiting the location, as well as how it could help promote a change in the city's cycling future. A portion of the interview was also featured as part of 91.5 KRCC newscasts. Beckman also attended the event and filed an audio postcard featuring the sounds and voices she came across. The award comes in the category "Best News Coverage of a Single Event."

Reporter Jake Brownell also earned a top award in the category "Best News Feature, Report or Series" among Colorado's major marker stations for his reporting that came during the March for Our Lives coordinated event.

Zach Rose and Deirdre Greevy met at the #MarchForOurLives demonstration in Colorado Springs. Despite their divergent political views, they said they managed to find common ground during the course of an hour-long conversation about gun violence.
Credit Jake Brownell / 91.5 KRCC

During the march, Brownell came across two people of obvious different political persuasions engaged in a conversation, and he asked them to tell him what they were talking about. The result is his story, "Reaching Across The Political Divide At The #MarchForOurLives Demonstration."

Congratulations to both Abigail and Jake for the recognition!