The Best Of 2017: A Look Back At The Year In Music On Air Check

Dec 2, 2017

For 2017's final Air Check episode, we sat down in the studio to reminisce about our favorite songs and albums. Last year was a stellar period for new releases, so narrowing our choices down was a difficult task –– we’ve ended up picking everything ranging from the Malian blues artist Boubacar Traoré to Kendrick Lamar’s recent double platinum-certified album, Damn. 

 Listen to the full episode in the media player above. 


 Below you’ll find each of the hosts’ top local and worldwide picks from 2017.  

Vicky’s Top Picks:

  Thievery Corporation –– "The Temple of I & I," from The Temple of I & I

 This is The Kit –– "Hotter, Colder," from Moonshine Freeze
 Queens of the Stone Age –– "Feet, Don’t Fail Me," from Villains
 Nina De Freitas –– "I Was in Love With You," from Spinning Towards The Edge
 Moses Sumney –– "Doomed," from Aromanticism
 Fink –– "Godhead," from Resurgam
Jeff’s Top Picks:

  Washed Out –– "Hard To Say Goodbye," from Mister Mellow

 Slowdive –– "Star Roving," from Slowdive
 Boubacar Traoré –– "Mousso," from Dounia Tabalo

 Grant Sabin –– "Bliss and Bane," from Bourbon and Milk

 Spoon –– "Hot Thoughts," from Hot Thoughts
 Beck –– "Colors," from Colors
Jake’s Top Picks:

  Frank Ocean –– "Chanel" (Single)

 Jay Som –– "Baybee," from Everybody Works
 Sampha –– "Plastic 100°C," from Process

 Cocordion –– "Home School," from Expectations

 Julie Byrne –– "Natural Blue," from Not Even Happiness
 Kendrick Lamar –– "DNA," from DAMN.