BTS Transforms Into The Beatles Before Your Eyes, Ed Sullivan Theater And All

May 16, 2019
Originally published on May 16, 2019 5:55 am

If you're going to bring the Korean boy band BTS to the spot where The Beatles conquered American TV back in 1964, you might as well milk it for all it's worth. Welcome to BTSmania, courtesy of Stephen Colbert.

A few weeks removed from a flashy turn on Saturday Night Live, the K-pop juggernaut found itself back on late-night TV, this time at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, which records in New York's Ed Sullivan Theater. So the show couldn't resist drawing on the symmetry — "exactly 50 years later, plus 5 years, 3 months and 6 days" — with another massive (and mop-topped) international crossover who took the same stage.


Naturally, BTS performed a black-and-white take on its smash "Boy With Luv," punctuated by audience screams — and a couple more opportunities for Colbert to trot out his Sullivan impression.


BTS's new EP is titled Map of the Soul: Persona.

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