Explore Our Favorite Southern Colorado Music Through A New 91.5 KRCC Spotify Playlist

Aug 23, 2017

Here at 91.5 KRCC, we're committed to showcasing the best music Southern Colorado has to offer on our nightly music mix and through interviews, reviews, and in-studio performances on our show, Air Check.

Now, we're offering one more way to keep track of all the great music being made in Southern Colorado: a regularly updated Spotify playlist that you can listen to anytime. 

The playlist is by no means comprehensive - but it's a starting point for anyone looking to expand their musical horizons and discover some great music (in a wide range of genres) being made in their own backyard. Also, we've included a few honorable mention artists who don't currently live in Southern Colorado, but whose roots extend back to the region. 

If you find a band or artist you like, take a look back through the archives of Air Check. There's a good chance we've interviewed them or talked about their music on the show!