Federal Judge Halts Denver Police From Using Chemicals Or Projectiles On Peaceful Protesters

Jun 6, 2020

A federal judge late Friday issued a temporary restraining order against the Denver Police Department, restricting police from using projectiles and chemical agents against peaceful protesters. A group of protesters had sued the department, alleging DPD's actions violated their First Amendment rights.

Judge R. Brooke Jackson said that although police officers often have a "thankless" job, he found some of the police behaviors in recent days during protests surrounding the killing of George Floyd "disgusting."

"Police have a very difficult and often thankless job. They frequently are called upon to make split second decisions and to expose themselves to danger while protecting the health and safety of the rest of us," Jackson wrote. "Some of the behavior of what I hope and believe to be a minority of the police officers in Denver and the nation during recent days  … not only vis a vis persons of color but against peaceful protesters of all backgrounds have been disgusting."

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