Local Electronic Musician Found Fame On The Internet, But Don't Ask Him How He Did It

Sep 27, 2017


Local musician Jackson Jason leads something of a double life. The 19-year-old lives in Widefield, Colorado, where he grew up, and works as a janitor at Fort Carson. He spends a lot of his free time making music, but says most of his friends and family aren’t too interested the sample-based electronic tracks he produces.

But on the internet, it’s a different story. In online communities dedicated to sharing music – on sites like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube, and Reddit – he has a huge following. Fans from around the world have flocked to his music, and his tracks have generated more than a million plays on Soundcloud alone. 

How'd he do it?

"I have no idea honestly," says Jason. "I just started making music on SoundCloud for fun, and I never knew it would get big like this. I don’t know, I guess people just really like my music."

His popularity is even more surprising when you consider that he only started making and releasing this type of music -- which he describes as “lo-fi hip hop” -- a year ago.

For the latest episode of Air Check, we sat down with Jason to talk about his music, which he releases under the name, I Eat Plants For A Living, and asked him to explain the internet subculture he’s a part of. 

Listen to the interview in the player above.

See the "anime music video" referenced in the interview here: