Mexican Institute of Sound Whips Up Deep, Humorous Grooves On

Sep 11, 2017
Originally published on September 11, 2017 11:26 am

The Mexican Institute of Sound's (MIS) name conjures images of white lab coats and clip boards, well-trained scientists primed to collate information and disseminate it unto the Mexican Republic.

In actuality, MIS is the name of a musical project from Camilo Lara, the talented, prolific and seemingly tireless Mexican DJ and producer. For over a decade, MIS has released albums of sonic explorations best described as the place where electronic music, cumbia and pop all meet on the dance floor, their grooves dosed with imagination and humor.

MIS' 2015 masterpiece, Compass, was produced alongside Lara's compadre Toy Selectah, and in part documented their travels around the world, as they collaborated with musicians from various scenes and cultures. The next year brought the release of Mexrrissey, an all-star tribute to the music of Morrissey and The Smiths. (The country's love — bordering on worship — of the singer has been well-documented.)

Now, a new single gives a sneak peek at MIS' forthcoming album, and it is a return to form. "My T Shirt De La NASA" has the usual mix of influences that we've come to expect from Lara — a lyric that is spoken and rapped, spinning a surreal tale with a nice sprinkling of humor; and a deep groove (that this time sounds as if it were recorded in the coolest lounge ever).

It has been crazy fun going along with Lara as he explored groupthink with the larger Mexrrissey and Compass projects — but if this single is any indication it's going to be just as nice to hear what comes from him working on his own, lab coat and clipboard in place.

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