Nature's Neighborhood: Adams Open Space, Shooks Run Trail

Jun 25, 2020

As parks, trails and nature centers continue to open to the public, local park officials still encourage visitors to avoid crowding popular spaces and continue social distancing. 

This week on Nature's Neighborhood, Susan Davies of the Trails and Open Space Coalition shares two easy trails with scenic views.

Adams Open Space in Fountain is an easy trail with scenic views.
Credit Courtesy of Susan Davies / Trails and Open Space Coalition

Adams Open Space

A walk through Adams Open Space in Fountain starts with the Fountain library. The tree canopies are going to keep you cool.

There's a neat wooden bridge over Jimmy Camp Creek to cross into John Metcalf Park, and all of that is in less than a mile, plus great views of Pikes Peak. The trails are nice and wide and hard packed, so you can bike it too, if you want. A great easy stroll to clear your mind.

Shooks Run Trail is an easy walk through a Colorado Springs neighborhood.
Credit Courtesy of Susan Davies / Trails and Open Space Coalition

Shooks Run Trail

If you hike, bike or run, I'm betting you've been on the Pikes Peak Greenway, but the Shooks Run Trail--a lot of folks have missed out on this journey. I suggest you check out the brand new pocket park playground on the corner of Columbia and Corona. From there, head south all the way to Willamette.

You'll cross wooden bridges, you're likely to see some great chalk art along the way and murals and concrete crouch created a fantastic art bench along the way. On nice days, you'll see people playing pickleball, perhaps even a little outdoor yoga.

Shooks Run Trail is a space for walking, biking and jogging.
Credit Courtesy of Susan Davies / Trails and Open Space Coalition

The whole trail is shaded by ancient cottonwood trees. It's truly a neighborhood trail. It's used and cared for by the people who make that area their home. Shooks Run Trail and Adams Open Space in Fountain--they're two easy options when you feel like kicking back but getting some fresh air.