Officials Urge City Residents to Prepare for Wildfire Season

Jun 7, 2017

Emergency officials in Colorado Springs are calling on folks living in the city’s wildland urban interface to be prepared for wildfire. 

At a meeting at Cheyenne Mountain high school Tuesday night, representatives from the city’s Office of Emergency Management and the fire and police departments stressed the need for residents to have a plan. 

"If [people] don’t smell smoke in the air," says Colorado Springs fire marshal Brett Lacey, "or it’s not happening right in proximity to them, it’s easy to think it’s not going to happen for a while, or I’ve got time, and that is a very dangerous gamble." 

While officials predict an average fire season in Colorado Springs this year, Lacey warns against complacency. Even though we’re not currently seeing conditions like we did before previous big wildfires, he says that could change.  

"The fact of the matter is Colorado Springs is a high mountain desert," explains Lacey. "So, while we’re enjoying some of the moisture right now, which is greening up a lot of things, it doesn’t take but a few days in our normally very arid climate with higher temperatures to dry a lot of stuff out."

At Tuesday night’s meeting, officials urged residents in the wildland urban interface to prepare emergency kits, plan evacuation routes, and contact the Fire Department for free mitigation help on their property. 

Resources to assist with emergency preparation can be found at CSREADY.ORG