Protests Continue After Death Of George Floyd, CSPD Closes Downtown Streets Saturday Night

Protests continue around the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis. Floyd, an African American man, died while in police custody in Minneapolis. An officer involved has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

In Denver, a third day of protests began in front of the state capitol and continued throughout the night.

At one point on Saturday, protesters laid down on the Capitol lawn and chanted "I can't breathe."

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock issued a city-wide curfew and Gov. Jared Polis called in the state's National Guard to help patrol.

In Colorado Springs, two protests were scheduled for Saturday afternoon. As the Gazette reports, people started gathering at City Hall just prior to 3 p.m.

Protestors in Colorado Springs marched from City Hall to Acacia Park.

And, as the Gazette's Liz Henderson reported, protesters started chanting De'Von Bailey's name.

19-year-old De'Von Bailey was shot by two Colorado Springs police officers following the report of a robbery. He ran from police as they tried to search him. Officers said they feared he was reaching for a weapon as he ran. A gun was found in his shorts following the shooting. Ultimately, the FBI concluded that "although undoubtedly devastating to his family, friends, and community, did not result from any willful violation of Mr. Bailey’s constitutional rights."

Protesters in Colorado Springs made their way to the Colorado Springs Police Department's downtown headquarters, where FOX21's Courtney Fromm captured audio of department's issuance to disperse.

Demonstrators were also out in Pueblo on Saturday, as reported by KOAA.

Meantime, as the Associated Press has reported, soldiers at Fort Carson with the military police have been put on notice to be ready to deploy to Minnesota. 

Just after 7:30 p.m. the Colorado Springs Police Department asked people to avoid the downtown area as "officers work to bring the protest back to a peaceful state."

In a separate tweet, CSPD said "Although several lawful orders were given to disperse, protesters failed to comply. Officers were forced to introduce chemical irritants into the crowd in order to disperse the unlawful and violent gathering."

KOAA published the following video of the chemical irritants from several blocks away. 

The demonstration in Colorado Springs reportedly continued until around midnight. Authorities shut down all streets in the area and repeatedly used tear gas to try to disperse the crowd. The El Paso County Sherrif's Office tweeted out that "multiple arrests" were made, but no further information was given.