R&B Star Raphael Saadiq Explores Addiction And Loss In 'Jimmy Lee'

Sep 12, 2019
Originally published on September 12, 2019 7:25 am

Singer, producer, supervisor, songwriter, musician. Raphael Saadiq has worn many hats during his time in the music industry.

Named for his older brother who died of a heroin overdose, “Jimmy Lee” is Saadiq’s first solo album in eight years. It’s an exploration of addiction and unresolved trauma.

The R&B singer delves into visiting his brother in prison, the war on drugs and his own struggles with drug use.

Why did he feel this was an album he was compelled to make? What should his audience take away from it?

Saadiq sits down with us to answer.

Produced by Jonquilyn Hill.


Raphael Saadiq, Singer; @RaphaelSaadiq

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