Remembering Former 91.5 KRCC Station Manager, Delaney Utterback

Aug 27, 2017

Delaney Utterback, former 91.5 KRCC station manager, passed away August 24, 2017
Credit Delaney Utterback

The 91.5 KRCC family is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of long-time friend, employee, and former station manager, Delaney Utterback. 

Utterback, a Colorado Springs native, began listening to 91.5 KRCC when he was 12 years old, and, as he once said, soaking in all the great music the station had to offer in his youth. He studied English at Colorado College, 91.5 KRCC's licensee, and began working for the station in 1993 as a work-study employee. 

In 1998, Utterback became the station's office manager and in 2007, he became the station's general manager.  He took on a new role as digital manager in 2015, before leaving 91.5 KRCC that June.

"Delaney Utterback was many things," says Jeff Bieri, 91.5 KRCC's Program Manager. "He was a CC student whose love of music brought him into the fold at KRCC. He was an advocate for gay rights, and he was an artist in his aesthetics."

"Delaney was a believer in each individual's right to choose his or her own path, and encouraged creativity with a hands-off approach," adds Bieri. "By his own admission, he was 'part-Vulcan,' and possessed an uncanny knowledge of the digital realm. He was a gentle soul who was at home in music, and when creating/designing/playing/working in front of an Apple computer."

During his tenure as station manager, Utterback established the popular on-line music archives, where listeners can hear music shows they missed, and continued a green light on such events as the Blues Under the Bridge festival, at the time in its infancy, now designated as a Signature Event by the Colorado Springs Downtown Development Authority.

"Delaney's vision for growth and giant steps forward that KRCC was aiming for never strayed far from his belief in its legacy and power to unite the community through music, lively discourse, and a well-informed public," says Vicky Gregor, 91.5 KRCC's long-time Music Coordinator.

Utterback also helped usher in an era of collaboration among public and community radio stations throughout Colorado, perhaps most notably playing an instrumental role in the creation of the Capitol Coverage project.

"Delaney was a big believer in providing listeners access to what's happening at the statehouse," says Andrea Chalfin, 91.5 KRCC's Morning Edition host and Managing Editor.  "And it's still going strong."

It's a legacy that current station manager Tammy Terwelp recognizes.  "Delaney was a key part of 91.5 KRCC for many years, leading in implementing a new website, our capitol reporting collaboration, music archive and HD signals, among other milestones," says Terwelp. "I did not have the opportunity to meet him, but I know he truly loved the station, the employees, and the listeners."

Among his many roles at 91.5 KRCC, Utterback served as a development assistant, traffic specialist, office manager, assistant general manager, general manager and digital manager.  Most recently, he said he'd been working as a consultant to KCMJ 93.9 FM, Colorado Springs Community Radio.

Delaney Utterback died August 24, 2017, at the age of 45.  A memorial service is planned for 2 p.m., Tuesday, September 5, at Shove Memorial Chapel, 1010 N. Nevada Ave., on the campus of Colorado College.