Two More Recall Efforts Fail; Lawmakers Seek Reforms

Sep 11, 2019

An effort to recall two Democratic state senators has ended after backers informed the Colorado Secretary of State's office that they will not be turning in the signatures they collected.

The recall efforts involved Democratic Sens. Pete Lee, of Colorado Springs, and Brittany Pettersen, of Lakewood.

A similar effort targeting Democratic Gov. Jared Polis failed last week.

An effort to remove Democratic Rep. Tom Sullivan, of Centennial, from office was abandoned this summer.

There is still one active legislative recall campaign in the works. An effort to oust Senate President Leroy Garcia, a Democrat from Pueblo, has until Oct. 18 to collect 13,506 signatures.

Meanwhile, state lawmakers on both sides of the aisle want changes that would make it harder for residents to remove their representatives from office. 

Republican State Senator Jack Tate said recalls can be disruptive and costly to taxpayers, so he wants to prohibit recall activities when the legislature is in session. Tate said recall supporters should also let taxpayers know how much an election would cost them.

"With the fact that we're looking at more recalls, it's a time to kind of reflect on the details of our statutory environment by which we might be able to make things better," he said.

Democrats are also calling for reforms.