Wednesday Newscast, 11/4/15, 5:32 PM

Nov 4, 2015

Newscast for Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 5:32 PM:

  • The Colorado Springs Police Department says an initial call to 911 on Saturday morning was given Priority Two status, which means the call reporting a suspicious male walking into a building carrying gas cans and a rifle was considered a potentially dangerous situation, but not an imminent threat to life.  The department has come under scrutiny for not prioritizing a call that came before three people were killed.  CSPD says the emergency call was originally treated with lesser importance but it was elevated after speaking with the caller for one minute.  When the caller dialed 911 again to report shots fired, the department says all available officers were dispatched. Meanwhile the El Paso County Sheriff's office, which is investigating the officer-involved shooting that killed the suspect, says he was armed with a rifle, revolver, and pistol.
  • Voters in Colorado Springs overwhelmingly decided to allow the city to retain $2.1 million in excess revenue to repair and improve eight stretches of trail. KRCC’s Holly Pretsky reports.