Wolf Sightings Prompt Warnings

Aug 2, 2016

Grey wolves like the one pictured here have been crossing the Wyoming-Colorado border.
Credit Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Wolf sightings in northern Colorado over the past couple decades have prompted a warning to hunters and others about the endangered species.

Although Colorado Fish and Wildlife says there are no established wolf populations in the state, the sightings have experts thinking it may be possible for wolves to move in eventually.

Spokesman Mike Porras says wolf populations in Wyoming are known to cross the border, which prompted the warning. Porras says he hopes to reach people who interact with wildlife, including hunters, trappers, and cattle protectors.

"If they are going to take an animal," said Porras, "that they be very certain about the animal that they are taking and hopefully prevent them from accidently killing an endangered species, in this case the wolf."

Porras also says he advises anyone who thinks they see a wolf to report it on the Parks and Wildlife website and to videotape or snap a photo from a distance.