Work on Pueblo Levee Wrapping Up for the Season

Apr 27, 2016

Workers from KR Swerdfeger Construction use heavy equipment to remove the top 12 feet from the Arkansas River levee near historic downtown Pueblo. (March 2016)
Credit Shanna Lewis / KRCC

Work on the Arkansas River levee that protects downtown Pueblo from flooding is winding down for the season. Planning for the next phase is underway.

Removing and replacing the concrete facing from more than a half mile of the original structure should begin in early November. 

Project engineer Kim Kock says they’ll stop when they reach the kayak course near the 4th Street Bridge because that will allow extra time, "to look for ways to improve recreational opportunities along the river and adjacent to the kayak course."

The current work will be completed as budgeted. Initial cost estimates for the next phase are around $3 million and two more phases are anticipated.

Also, local artists are working with the contractor to move the concrete panel with the corn maiden mural to the El Pueblo Museum.