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For our sixth episode of the Converge Lecture Series Podcast, we're joined by writer Anthony Doerr.

A writer of short stories, memoir, and novels, Doerr is perhaps best known for the book, All The Light We Cannot See. Released in 2014, that book earned Doerr a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and was a huge commercial success, living on the New York Times Bestseller List for 130 consecutive weeks.

The Tuesday Agency

For our fifth episode of the Converge Lecture Series Podcast, we're joined by writer Carmen Maria Machado.

Machado is an author, essayist and critic, best known for her debut short story collection Her Body and Other Parties. Blending elements of horror, fantasy and stark realism, her work explores themes of power and sex, pleasure and alienation, and the particular way these forces shape the lives and experiences of women. 

This year, NPR held its first Student Podcast Challenge — a podcast contest for students in grades 5 through 12. As we listened to the almost 6,000 entries, we smiled, laughed, and even cried. Students opened their lives to us with stories about their families, their schools and communities and their hopes for the future.

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For our fourth episode of the Converge Lecture Series Podcast, we're joined by writer Karen Russell.

A novelist and short story writer, Russell is perhaps best known for her novel, "Swamplandia!"


Set in the waterlogged wilderness of south Florida, it tells the story of a family of alligator wrestlers struggling to cope with tragedy and dealing with a string of bad luck that threatens their roadside theme park. It’s a book about grief and survival, and a haunting, deeply affecting coming-of-age tale.

The Big Something Radio Programme, Episode 10

Nov 20, 2015

On this episode of The Big Something, author Brett McCracken discusses his book Hipster Chrisitianity, When Church and Cool Collide ; Daniel James Brown shares the incredible story of how a young team of working class American rowers beat the odds--and the Nazis--at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin; Rock Climber Alex Honnold talks about his career climbing some of the most iconic rock walls in the world, with no rope; and we bring you an episode of the show HumaNature from Wyoming Public Radio about a search and rescue mission in the Rocky Mountains.