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Colorado College and 91.5 KRCC are pleased to announce that Kyle Cunningham, who has served as the interim general manager of 91.5 KRCC since January, has been named general manager.

91.5 KRCC News Wins Three PRNDI Awards

Jun 19, 2019
Andrea Chalfin / 91.5 KRCC

91.5 KRCC News has received three awards from PRNDI, Public Radio News Directors Incorporated. The national organization annually recognizes top journalism from throughout the public radio network.

Jake Brownell / 91.5 KRCC

91.5 KRCC News has been recognized for our reporting with two awards from the Associated Press Television and Radio Association (APTRA).

Abigail Beckman

If you are a listener of 91.5 KRCC, you have likely heard mention of the "Chili Challenge" during our on-air fundraising efforts over the past decade.  The "Chili Challenge" became a regular, and very successful fundraising appeal, brainstormed by longtime contributors Dinny and Terri Weber, (who are, coincidentally, Chili's parents).

Over the years, Chili and the Webers would visit the station during NPR's Morning Edition, and Chili would offer her "biscuit allowance" as challenge money for new and renewing members of the station. Chili and her biscuit money certainly won the hearts of all of us here at KRCC, and her lovable Golden Retriever demeanor translated well over the radio. (I suspect that even though Chili's biscuit money may have been diverted to KRCC for operational expenses, she likely got her biscuits regardless....)

Pen Waggener / Flickr

As part of the Mountain West News Bureau, 91.5 KRCC is committed to bringing you stories from across the Rocky Mountain West about the issues that tie the region together. From public lands and the environment to the people and places that make up the region, we explore the issues that define us and the challenges we face.

Colorado Broadcasters Association

Reporting from the 91.5 KRCC Newsroom has been honored with two awards from the Colorado Broadcasters Association.

Jake Brownell / 91.5 KRCC

On Friday, April 12, NPR's David Greene was in Colorado Springs for a 91.5 KRCC member event hosted by Abigail Beckman, 91.5 KRCC's local host for Morning Edition.

As part of the Military Voices Initiative from Story Corps, 91.5 KRCC will air the stories of veterans who live in our Southern Colorado community in the week leading up to Veterans Day, Nov. 11. 

Beginning this Saturday, Sept. 15, 91.5 KRCC will be airing The Politics Show from NPR from 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.

The Politics Show from NPR is the definitive guide to the 2018 midterms--a one-hour roundtable discussion airing for nine weeks that presents a deep dive on the major races, themes, and issues defining these historic elections.

Pen Waggener / Flickr

As a member of the Mountain West News Bureau, 91.5 KRCC is committed to bringing you news on important issues from across the region, ranging from public lands and the environment to wildfires and recreation, culture, and more.


Starting next Monday, August 13th, the show 1A with Joshua Johnson will be moving to 9 a.m. following NPR's Morning Edition. The Takeaway with Tanzina Vega will move to 11 a.m.

Courtesy Sean McKee

91.5 KRCC is pleased to welcome Sean McKee to its staff as the station's new finance coordinator. Sean holds a degree in accounting from Colorado State University and brings expertise in nonprofit finance to the role. 

The Mountain West News Bureau Featured On 1A

Jun 14, 2018

91.5 KRCC's Ali Budner will be featured on 1A this Friday as part of the program's weekly news roundup. The segment will highlight the Mountain West News Bureau and the work it does to highlight this often overlooked region in national news coverage. 

Jake Brownell / 91.5 KRCC

91.5 KRCC's Jake Brownell has won first place in the Best Feature Story category from the Associated Press Television and Radio Association for his story "Guns To Garden Tools: Beating Swords Into Plowshares." The awards honor the best in radio and television reporting across 13 western states. 

91.5 KRCC Hires New Morning Edition Host

Apr 24, 2018
courtesy Abigail Beckman

91.5 KRCC is pleased to announce that Abigail Beckman will be joining the station as its new Morning Edition host. Beckman will also work as a reporter in the newsroom.

91.5 KRCC and Pikes Peak Library 21c are hosting the StoryCorps mobile recording studio April 30th through May 11th as part of the Military Voices Initiative.  

Veterans, service members, and military families are encouraged to share their stories, and in doing so, we will honor their voices, amplify their experiences, and let them know that we - as a nation - are listening.

Jake Brownell earned a Colorado Broadcasters Association Award of Excellence this past weekend for his news feature Guns to Garden Tools: Beating Swords Into Plowshares.

Maria Budner

91.5 KRCC is pleased to announce the hiring of Ali Budner as part of a journalism collaborative focusing on the Mountain West. 

Budner comes to 91.5 KRCC from the San Francisco Bay Area, where her award-winning reporting has covered the state of California on a range of topics from health and the environment to homelessness and immigration.

Public Radio Exchange

American Public Media has announced that it is ceasing production and distribution of the popular Saturday morning program Dinner Party Download in 2018.  Luckily, there is a silver lining in almost every cloud, and the program Milk Street is the bright new program addition in this scenario. 

Notice of 91.5 KRCC Community Advisory Board Meeting

Dec 10, 2017

The 91.5 KRCC Community Advisory Board (CAB) is meeting Tuesday, December 12th at 5:30pm. The meeting will be held at 912 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs. 

Questions: Please call 719-473-4801 x30

Reprise Records

"Alice's Restaurant" is a satirical, storytellin' (and mostly true) song by Arlo Guthrie, which has become a Thanksgiving Day staple for many public radio listeners. The song begins with the tale of a littering mishap at a refuse dump which was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, and follows the hearing and legal citation that ensued. Arlo Guthrie comically leads the listener to the Vietnam-era draft board in New York City which ultimately rejects his military conscription based on his crime of littering. In the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, the deadpan monologue delivery and fingerpickin' style of the song reveals a strong anti-war theme.

The Public Broadcasting Act Of 1967 Turns 50

Nov 7, 2017
Yoichi Okamoto / LBJ Library

Today, public broadcasting in America turns 50, and 91.5 KRCC joins our country in saluting this national treasure.

In signing the Public Broadcasting Act in 1967, President Johnson expressed the hope that one day, public television and radio stations would satisfy “America’s appetite for excellence” and “enrich man’s spirit.”

V. Gregor / K91.5 KRCC

Be sure to catch longtime 91.5 KRCC listener and volunteer Tim Everett as he grabs the jazz baton from Dick Fairley Sunday evenings 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. starting this Sunday evening.

Tim Everett is a third-generation Colorado native who began to eagerly explore music (old and new) early in his career. As a long time listener of all that 91.5 KRCC offers (namely NPR, This American Life, Radiolab, late night music mixes and not least of all, Dick Fairley’s Jazz Excursion), Tim always found his own fondness of Jazz odd, considering it began at a young age.

He now reverently accepts the position left by Dick Fairley as jazz host, after so many years of admiring Mr. Fairley’s indispensable knowledge of jazz history. Dick decided to retire from his hosting duties.

As a humble fan, he endeavors to share what he knows and commit to ever widening his scope of understanding for jazz music, for his and your entertainment. 

Andrea Chalfin / 91.5 KRCC

91.5 KRCC joins five other public radio stations to launch a regional news consortium, covering issues spanning the Rocky Mountain West, to include Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana.

Jake Brownell

This week host Dick Fairly wraps up his  weekly Jazz Excursion on 91.5 KRCC by stopping at important milestones along the evolutionary route of classic jazz.

Dick will start his final excursion with Louie Armstrong  in 1927 and end 40 years later with John Coltrane in 1967. The stops will include the seminal recordings of Louie, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Jerry Mulligan, Miles Davis, Joe Morello, John Lewis, Trane, and others. 

Although Dick has reached the finish line of his weekly journey on The Jazz Excursion Sunday evenings at 7, the jazz baton will be picked up by Tim Everett Sunday evenings on 91.5 KRCC.

Charles Krupa/AP

After September 30, 2017, 91.5 KRCC will end the weekly broadcast the Best of Car Talk programs.

Car Talk began in 1977 as a regional call in show hosted at WBUR in Boston, and was syndicated nationally by NPR beginning in 1986. Wisecracking brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, otherwise known as The Tappet Brothers, provided weekly advice to car owners about the mechanics of their cars, and, more importantly, advice about the emotional relationships owners had with their cars.  

Kyle Cunningham / 91.5 KRCC

Public radio listeners come in all shapes, sizes, and species.

Over the years, we've heard from many people who say they like to leave 91.5 KRCC on for their dogs or cats to listen to while they're away at work. But recently we learned of a new group of loyal quadrupedal listeners right here in Southern Colorado: goats.

Delaney Utterback

The 91.5 KRCC family is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of long-time friend, employee, and former station manager, Delaney Utterback. 

Utterback, a Colorado Springs native, began listening to 91.5 KRCC when he was 12 years old, and, as he once said, soaking in all the great music the station had to offer in his youth. He studied English at Colorado College, 91.5 KRCC's licensee, and began working for the station in 1993 as a work-study employee. 

Notice Of 91.5 KRCC Community Advisory Board Meeting

Aug 26, 2017

The 91.5 KRCC Community Advisory Board (CAB) is meeting Thursday, September 7th at 5:30pm. The meeting will be held at 912 N Weber St, Colorado Springs. 

Questions: Please call 719-473-4801 x30

91.5 KRCC Extends, Improves Coverage in Woodland Park

Jun 12, 2017

Update 6/29/17: Our signal is now live.  

91.5 KRCC is extending and improving its coverage northwestward with a newly acquired 100-watt transmitter located in Woodland Park.

The new transmitter, which will be operating at the frequency 89.5 FM, will carry 91.5 KRCC programming by July 5. The Woodland Park transmitter will improve signal coverage, allowing for continuous coverage as motorists wind their way from Colorado Springs to Lake George, Hartsel, and beyond.