Tammy Terwelp

Looking Up: The Universe... Big, Isn't It?

Nov 19, 2018
Marshall McCall/York University / earthsky.org

This week on Looking Up, Tammy Terwelp, the General Manager of 91.5 KRCC, is the guest host. She gives us an idea of just how big the universe is.

We’ve been airing the weekly Looking Up show for just under 4 years now, and during that time, listeners have heard Hal talk about lots of different and amazing things in the Colorado sky. We’ve learned about planets, galaxies, comets, stars, and more. But one thing I’ve wondered about is just how much stuff is out there? In other words, how big is big?

KRCC has hired Tammy Terwelp as the station’s new general manager. Terwelp, most recently director of content and programming at 90.5 WESA, the NPR-member station in Pittsburgh, is scheduled to start Oct. 12.

Terwelp has more than 20 years of public media experience with systems and operations; a strong knowledge of FCC rules, structure, and significant issues of public broadcasting; strong collaboration and leadership skills; and is dedicated to the public broadcasting mission.